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Order the book here. Within Europe, order the book here. Book Flyer. Mediation and Governance in Fragile Contexts introduces an innovative, practical approach to resolving an enduring issue: How can conflicts be resolved in polarized societies? The authors lay out the framework step by step, present case studies that show it in action, and clarify how interim peace structures can act as a bridge between short-term mediation and long-term state-building efforts around the world.

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The book argues that mediation is effective to the degree it is contextualized and linked to governance-building efforts. Short-term peace practice involves using mediation to deal with acute conflict in a context-sensitive manner. Medium-term peace practice combines mediation and governance-building, setting up local peace committees involving state and non-state actors and addressing both acute conflict as well as structural factors fueling conflict.

The mix of mediation and governance-building changes in the short-, medium-, and long-term figure 2. Click here to listen to the full podcast of all 21 audio clips. What is mediation?

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Small efforts and long-term impact. Mediation process design 4. Conflict analysis 5. Participation, criteria for inclusive or exclusive processes 6.

Context Mediation among Knowledge Discovery Components

Participation of women in a culturally sensitive manner 7. Mediation style, combining cultural, Islamic and Western approaches 8. Venue 9. Peace Committees functions and membership.

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States for All — collective and individual. Motivation and Cross-Cleavage Collaboration Reflective action in Israel Palestine.

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  • Identities in Transition: the Pursuit of Isa. 52:13-53:12.
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Wajir, security governance, brainstorming, positions-interests Pokot Samburu, setting ground rules Mandera, Peace Committee containing conflict Mandera, impartiality of mediator Mandera, storytelling in mediation Mandera, trauma-healing Kenyan election crisis, Concerned Citizens for Peace. Applicability to other contexts. In , she received the Right Livelihood Award often referred to as the Alternative Nobel Prize , which honors "those offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today.

In she received the Hesse Peace Prize.

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Simon J. Few books tell one how to do things in reality—this book is one of them. Sergio Jaramillo, High Commissioner of Peace in the Colombian peace negotiations from to "An important book because of the wealth of practical insights regarding mediation, but also because it shows how a qualitative approach that strikes a balance between a focus on context and a focus on generic mediation theory can move mediation research closer to practice.

Mediation and Governance in Fragile States reveals a powerful, holistic framework for helping divided societies bridge their differences—showing how to create sustainable peace through linkage between short-term settlements and long-term structural solutions.

Different types of contextual domain knowledge are formulated, namely taxonomies, constraints, user preferences and previously discovered knowledge. In order to allow the support of subjective and objective domain knowledge, context mediation among different domain knowledge entities is proposed which is compatible with the context mediation formulated earlier. Contextual knowledge pattern mediation is concerned with the interpretation of the outputs from data mining algorithms from different perspectives.

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An object-oriented framework is presented that models the output of virtually any knowledge discovery exercise. Based on the proposed framework, two operations are developed which allow the viewing or interpreting of data mining output within different contexts.

Contextual ranking allows the ordering of information based on qualitative and quantitative information. Three manipulative operations are introduced which provide a further vehicle to tailor knowledge sets, namely balancing, boosting and inversion.

Mediation and Mediation Support

Comparison of discovered knowledge provides a powerful mechanism to evaluate the equivalence between two or more knowledge patterns or pattern objects. A summary value is introduced which is used to calculate pattern equivalence and example summary values have been given for segments and associations.

All presented techniques, methods and models are applied in real-world scenarios, covering disciplines from a wide range of industry, namely web mining and marketing, manufacturing, meteorology and internationalisation. The carried out research has resulted in almost fifty international publications, including the co-authorship of a book, a journal editorship and one conference best paper award.