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About the Author Dr. Charles H. His postdoctoral research was conducted at the Australian National University. A temporary appointment at the University of Georgia was followed by a ten-year stay at Mercer University, where Dr. Atwood developed a series of papers on teaching nuclear topics in the chemistry curriculum.

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In , he joined the faculty of the University of Georgia's chemistry department and was named Coordinator of Freshman Chemistry in At the University of Georgia, Dr. Atwood developed significant use of instructional technology in the freshman chemistry program, including pioneering computerized testing. In Dr.

Over the last ten years, his research group has studied the use of item response theory to analyze student performance on assessments, with the ultimate goal of improving student learning and performance. His hobbies include astronomy, traveling, and bicycle riding. Show More. Table of Contents Module 1. An Approach to Problem Solving. Module 2. Module 3. Matter and Energy. Module 4. Summary Guide for Thermodynamics in Organic Chemistry. Guide to Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms.

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Electrophiles and Nucleophiles in Organic Reaction Mechanisms. Conceptual Guide to Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry. Summary Guidelines for Organic Nomenclature.

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General concepts for alkanes, cycloalkanes; nomenclature; corresponds to Chapter 1, 4, and Alcohols, alkyl halides; concepts of reaction mechanisms; SN1, SN2; free radical halogenation; corresponds to Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10, Alkenes; advanced concepts of mechanisms; E1, E2; electrophilic addition; corresponds to Chapter 8, 9. Alkenes; chirality and stereoisomers; corresponds to Chapter 8, 9. Aromatics; electrophilic aromatic substitution; corresponds to Chapter Diols, ethers, epoxides, organometallics; nucleophilic addition to carbonyl; corresponds to Chapter Carboxylic acids; amines, enols and enolate reactions.

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Molecules The Elements and the Architecture of Everything. Organic Chemistry. No More Heart Disease. An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry. The Physiology of Training for High Performance.

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General, Organic, and Biochemistry. His research activities are in the field of physical chemistry of interfaces and molecular spectroscopy. Individuals who are relearning physical chemistry e. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above; researchers and faculty.

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Chemistry Physical Chemistry. Free Preview. An exercise book, including sound introduction and backgrounds to each topic in textbook style Helpful for exam preparation for students at upper undergraduate and graduate level Featuring solutions with exhaustive explanations to each of the selected problems Includes a rich appendix with helpful background information, e. Buy eBook.

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